Are you a local artist wanting to get your music into Peaches or are you interested in playing a show here? A few tips to get you started:


-When you bring your CDs and vinyl in for us to sell on consignment we strongly encourage you to have shrink wrapped product with officially registered barcodes. 

-Bring in a few copies of each title and check on your consignment regularly.

-We will fill out a consignment form with you and give you a copy. Please bring the copy back when you come in to discuss your consignment.

-Send people to Peaches to support your brand and buy your product. Mention that your music is available in our store on your socials, etc. 


-It's important to us that your show at Peaches is advantageous to us all! We strongly encourage all of the acts playing your gig to have physical music available for purchase. You can bring the music in ahead of time and put it on consignment or do it the day of the show. 

-Give us a ring or shoot us an email (504.282.3322 or if you're interested in playing. Or just stop by and say hi! Usually we set up a very informal meeting to discuss details and book a date. 

-Once you have a date booked, create a flyer image and post it on your socials. Tag us in it and we will begin to promote as well! If you have physical posters/flyers bring them in as well and we will get the word out.