To Donate:

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About Us: 
We are Peaches Records; a family owned and operated record shop based in New Orleans. After 40 years of ups and downs in the record business we finally have bought our own space! We are currently in the process of moving into the historic old Woolworth's building, fifteen-thousand square feet of pure music heaven in the heart of Uptown New Orleans.
4318 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70115 
Our Goal: 
Part of the wonderful space we've acquired is an authentic 1940's Woolworth’s Diner Counter. Unfortunately, the diner counter was not included with the purchase of the space, and the original owner wants $75,000 in addition for the diner portion and our friends in the restaurant business said it would be a MINIMUM of $25,000 extra to make it operational. We have begun this campaign in order to reach out to the community of New Orleans and beyond to ask for help in not only preserving but putting this historic diner counter back into service!
Why it’s important to us: 
Peaches has been pivotal in helping launch the careers of local musicians for more than four decades... Our dream is to have a stage where local musicians will be able to perform and create a vibrant community of music lovers that all gather in one place to share their culture, art, and heritage. We feel that the Woolworth counter is an important historic staple and it's essential for bringing the community together in our space. Food is at the heart of our city right there along with the incredible music it produces.
Why it’s important to the community: 
Many people in the city and in the country remember growing up going to Woolworth. So many customers have told us stories of being young with their parents going out to the old Woolworth luncheonette! We feel that it would be a crime to tear out this historic counter. We’ve tried to buy it from the owner but after buying the building we don’t have the resources to commit to buying the counter along with it. We want to support the community and bring people together with music, food, and culture. 
For people who donate: 
$5 to $10- A personal phone call from me thanking you for your contribution 
$15 - Thank You card
$20 - Social Media shout out
$30 - Peaches Sticker
$100- Peaches Patch + we will put your name on a permanent fixture over the counter recognizing the contribution you've made along with the above
$500- peaches tote bag along with above
$1000- Peaches T-Shirt of your choice along with the above
$1500 Peaches Hoodie or shirt (your choice) and first 3 gifts + your name on the donation fixture
$5000  Peaches Hoodie along with all above
$10,000 and above, come pick out a vinyl, a record cleaning cloth along with everything above!!
$25,000 An Audio Technica turntable with a vinyl from our store!
All gifts are subject to change because we are still deciding about how to give thanks.
I will be adding some more pictures and in depth details later today but be sure to leave your info so we can give back.
For more information in the mean time give me a call direct at 504-564-4413
or call the store at 504-282-3322
or visit the website at